About Us

ISE Office Plus is a minority owned business enterprise, which started in 1982. Working together at another firm, the original owners decided to test their entrepreneurial skills and start their own business. They saw the potential for supplying computer accessories and peripherals, a field that was at the time in its infancy, and formed their company, Information Systems Essentials, to satisfy the void left by other suppliers.

After only a year or so, they established a large customer base and continued to have tremendous growth. They offered their products at a competitive price with outstanding service. Their customers were so impressed with the service, they began to look to ISE for some of their other supplies. Before they knew it, ISE had evolved into a full-line office products company!

Still, being an independent dealer in an increasingly saturated market wasn't easy. In 1992 they joined Independent Suppliers Group, which gave them the buying power of a large corporation and renamed the company ISE Office Plus to reflect their new status. With the buying power equivalent to that of the major chains they have been able to offer low cost as well as excellent service to their clients.

ISE Office Plus is committed to the deliberate and ongoing identification of customer needs and wants. We are committed to meeting or exceeding both present and future expectations. ISE Office Plus will continue to implement improvements in order to provide our customers office products at the lowest cost possible. We will do whatever is necessary to ensure that office supplies are not a road block to efficient office operation. We are committed to a never ending process of improvement in order to achieve our mission.


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